Jumat, 01 Februari 2013

Cheat Perjuangan Semut 1 Hit Kill 2013

Cheat perjuangan semut V 2.0 - Perjuangan semut hack use cheat engine, still work, high damage for mission, how to make a rain Cheat, Cheat practically bullet or bullet Triple:
Tools :
1. Entering practice room
2. Open cheat engine > open process > select pulgin container.exe
3. Check the Speed ​​Hack on Cheat Engine and change the value from 1 to 0, then Apply
4. Double click on bullet 1 times 
5. Back to Cheat Engine, enter the number 3, then click First Scan
6. Back to the game, press the double bullet again
7. Return to CE, and then enter the number 5, and click Next Scan
8. Still CE, Speed ​​Hack change from 0 to 1, and Apply
9. Back to the game, and press the spacebar  (keyborad) to shoot your char
10. When finished, click 3 bullets
11. Return to CE, input number 1, and click Next Scan
12. Than will be out 3 or 1 address, as seen drawn down in no 1
Cheat Perjuangan Semut Versi 2.0
Cheat Perjuangan Semut Versi 2.0
13. Addresses and Click 2 times so that it will appear at the bottom
14. change value address
Cheat Perjuangan Semut Versi 2.0
Cheat Perjuangan Semut Versi 2.0
15. last change number to 15, remember a maximum of 15 don't more will result be LAG
Attention : this cheat only used in the Forest of fog
(cheat ini Work Hanya di hutan kabut saja) 

Thanks Gan Afrix Kancil

By:Hideo Marino

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